Stories From The Clarence Valley 2020 – Land/marks

This year has etched its marks. There’s been plenty to write about. Bushfires, flood, pandemic, ecological decline. In the face of these things, writing can be the only way to respond, whether in grief, hope, humour or the great escape of fantasy. This heartfelt collection of stories traces our connections with each other across our beloved Clarence Valley landscapes.

Stories from Tommy Welham, Corrie Hayes, Kylie Fennell, Norm Mjadwesch, Caitlin Annesley, Cathy Callaghan, John Coleman, Jo Parry, Gaye Sprenglewski, Libby & Liza Robinson, Levi McInerney, Oliver Bolch, Miwanyo Afi Jongen Tsey, Ahlia Hartley, Ellie Grace White, Miller Greenaway, Taya Murphy, Lani Cole, Millie Day, Beau Edwards, Grace Finnegan, Finn Brossman, Elly Day, Lucinda Ryder, Alanah Pitt, Jack Cheney, Ivy Hiatt, Kane Patricks, Annalese McKee, Lachlan Passmore, Elsie Stewart, Poppy Ross, Taylor Joyce, Clementine Eaton, Tayah Cole, Damien Preston, Nina Bibby, Ryder Gorring, Alizandra McPherson, Savannah Cheney, Harmony Rose Swain-Davies, Jasmine Chellew, Corey Newbold, Jacqueline Samms, Jordyn Keefe, Eva New, Elisha Gavin, Melissa Meier,  Lotte Pereira, and Laura Hoade.

Stories From The Clarence Valley 2019 – To The Island

Islands: enigmatic, beloved, dangerous or sacred.  The Clarence River with its countless islands has always been a place for story-telling. This sparkling collection of stories has something for every reader as Clarence Valley writers of all ages unfurl their tales of escape, homecoming and deep water.

Stories from Bruce ‘Fed’ McPherson, Kylie Fennell, Stephanie Haines, Cathy Callaghan, Norman Mjadwesch, the Yaegl People (told by Uncle Ron Heron), Gaye Sprenglewski, Sarah McKenzie, Karla Hubbard, Gra Murdoch, Robin Hosking, E L Short, Brad Chapman, Kaia Mercy, Shaan Singh, Stella Van Leest, Nadia Smith, Kaylee Adamson, Eden Annesley, Laura Hoade, Jayden Laurie, Sharlee Cook, McKenna Wearing, Tayla Kane, Tayla Willis, Tayah Cole, Annabel Dungey, Alice Gunn, Aaliyah Mifsud, Alanah Pitt, Amber Powell, Brooke Chapman, Emily, Gus Lobsey, Hazel Golding, Ivy Hiatt, Jasper Whalley, Lani Cole, Leni Rush, Matthew Quiring, Pippi Short, Riley Newton, Tahlia Duckworth, Terrence Walker, William McSwan and William Tait.

Available at Clarence Regional Library. Or email us at for a copy.

The Long Way Home 2018 – Stories from the Clarence Valley

An anthology of the finest stories from the inaugural Long Way Home Short Story Competition 2018. All of the storytellers, young and old, call the Clarence Valley home. Together, their tales reflect life on a land where stories have flowed down the Clarence River for thousands of years.

Stories from Kelly Harrison, Margaret Staff, Penni Sharrock, Uncle Ron Heron, Gaye Sprenglewski, Sarah McKenzie, Stephanie Haines, Cathy Callaghan, Samantha Lovejoy, Bethany McAlpine, Nadia Smith, Eden Annesley, Seremi Gorogo-Rawson, Lani Cole, Brooke Chapman, Declan McCone, Ruby Donnelly, Sharlee Cook, Tayah Cole, Hazel Golding, Jorja Tasker, Imogen Lee, Charlie Imeson, Noah Smith, Daniel Gardner, Ashton Pullen, Sharlee Cook and Liam Perich.

Out of print, but available at Clarence Regional Library.

Our books are printed in the Clarence Valley by Yoohoo McPhee, Prince St, Grafton.